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I’m fucking pissed for two reasons:


1. Haru will go pro… like of nowhere. He was yelling and acting all psycho the entire season because he just wanted to be free and suddenly he sees an australian pool and: I WILL GO PRO… Seriously what the fuck???? Lame character development.

2. Sharing a bed…nooo that doesn’t seem forced at all kyoani. Why are you trying to sell Rin x haru that badly????  When you know makoharu is way more popular even in your own country

exactly the point, what the fuck is wrong with Haru? he is like a psycho for the whole season, turn angry everytime ppl talk to him about he should go pro..and now he suddenly relize that he wanna go Pro…finally there’s nothing like “I want to swim free” or “I wanna swim with my friends”… the end, he is still the selfish Haru…

Free! was ruined in just 1 episode! I feel fucking angry

Like all of amazing things Free! brought to us in the last 2 years just turned into ashes…Thanks episode 12, for ruin everything, for crash all our dreams…I feel like cry my heart out now..but I cant..

I just feel like after all, Free! is only pay attention for Haru and Rin…it is so unfair for characters like Makoto and Sousuke..after all..only Haru and Rin will grab the lights…

What a shitty night for a MakoHaru shipper like me, I was so dumped.


ツイピクまとめ by 食パン

Jaejoong latest update , strawberry . Hmmm ,  *Thinks* O Guess who loves strawberries ???
 Always keep the faith ~


Jaejoong latest update , strawberry .
Hmmm ,
Guess who loves strawberries ???


Always keep the faith ~

I feel disappointed at Haru…

At the end he still being a selfish one…I hate it when he hurts Makoto that much…

I love MakoHaru but I just cant bear this…/hug Makoto/


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There’s no point if you’re not with me.

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So I saw this on MSN the other day:


And I thought of Haru going like




[Free!] 4-komas (Kokemomo)
Circle: KokemomoPairing: Sousuke + Rin, Makoto + HaruRating: PG13Source: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4
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[Free!] 4-komas (Kokemomo)

Circle: Kokemomo
Pairing: Sousuke + Rin, Makoto + Haru
Rating: PG13
Source: pt. 1pt. 2pt. 3pt. 4

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140831 Yunho at Gimpo Ap back to Korea from Japan - p8


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